does installation file now include latest virus database?


does the 509 download now include some recent amount of signatures, or does it still take 30Mb or more of updating after install? If not, will version 510 at least?

dial-up user here, that’s why i ask.


Hi Mack,

I have just downloaded the version again from the website and the SHA1 Hash is the same as my first download when it was released so they don’t repack the latest AV Database anymore with the current installer.

So yes there is still one 30MB update and the rest is really small incremental updates, not sure if we’ll see that for CIS 3.10.x that could contain Family signatures so the database could be much smaller :-TU

You don’t really need the AV if you set CIS to proactive and pay close attention to the alerts and look up programs you are unsure about before allowing them…

3.10 will have a smaller database thanks to family sigs and hopefully you won’t have to download as much with that version… But I can’t guarantee that… =/

If you feel uncomfortable living without a AV or is less experienced with computers and feel like looking stuff up takes too much time, you might consider a combination…

You can possible pick CIS without the AV and go with avast or avira… (personally I would pick Avast!, but avira is notorious for its great detection rate)… (Ofc if 3.10 has a smaller database you can simply switch back to full CIS).

Thanks Ronny, thanks Monkeyboy,

A pity to hear that. Will wait till v510 then and see,