Does Icedragon only offer more security and messes up everything else?

I’m a new user of Icedragon and I don’t really like the “dark” way the windows and the tabs look, the text of my tabs is harder for me to read …also the lack of transparency…I also don’t like that Icedragon occupies more surface space of the screen …has Comodo actually worked on the resource management and also the CPU usage of Icedragon compared to Firefox?..because I can’t really see any difference…Firefox Sync is missing…so what’s the point in making Icedragon?

You can ask the same question to hundreds other Chrome and Firefox fork. It’s more about preference and brand loyalty. I’m using IceDragon because I am familiar with Comodo and I don’t need some stuff from Firefox such as crash and statistic reports. Everything else they’re just identical.

I would have liked to use Icedragon for the additional security features but it just seems broken for me compared to firefox.


By default, Firefox uses Google Location Services to determine your location by sending:

I’m sure IceDragon don’t have such ■■■■, and hopefully the developer can address these concerns in near future:

Firefox and IceDragon are not too different. The advantage of IceDragon is the Comodo DNS which blocks malware. The advantage of Firefox is that you will receive quick updates.

IceDragon seems up to speed again with updates.

i see this qns almost 2 months old so the user probably gone, but for others sake, agree with their complaint, but made a script just yesterday designed to fix most of that called Comodo Ice Dragon Navigator Toolbox fixes . Among other things it corrects the height difference (which is even more when using lightweight themes) and fwiw, tab transparency is easy to modify, plenty of scripts on userstyles can change it, but if you wanted a refinable options in menus, TabMixPlus has that, and the latest version now has two tone gradients for tab color/transparency. (each tab can have two colors/levels of transparency for top & bottom half). Hope it helps

and fwiw, this stuffs all cosmetic, so not real complaints, Fx itself has tons of annoyances that need tweaking so saying CID has these issues is just saying they have different issues, not more or worse

what about " stratiform " ?
add-on firefox : Stratiform 3.0.1 SoapyHamHocks, muckSponge