Does free firewall protect against browser exploits


I just got the free Zone Alarm firewall and found that the free version doesn’t have ‘Browser Lock’ which is said to protect against browser exploits. If Comodo Free protects against browser exploits then I’ll certainly go back to it.

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Comodo Internet Security has the same level of protection in all four versions (Premium (this is free version), Plus, Pro and Complete). Only differences are in extra services that paid versions come with (Remote Support, Online Backup, virus free guarantee, etc.). For more information, click here. To conclude; CIS protects you against all kind of malware, no matter which version you choose.

thanks - i reinstalled Comodo

deadman a man asked a certain question: Does Comodo protects against browser exploits, no metter wich version.

If there is someone who know I would like to here the answer too. Thanks

The Comodo firewall is VERY highly rated by experts, so I’m assuming that if it didn’t protect against browser exploits it wouldn’t have received such high ratings.

The ‘Browser Protection’ feature of ZA (all features of which appear only to be available in their Extreme Security edition) has the features seen in the images below. If I’m not mistaken, some of these are only available in the ‘Complete’ version of CIS…

From their help file:

Using ZoneAlarm browser security You know that ZoneAlarm browser security is on you when you see the ZoneAlarm toolbar in your browser.

The ZoneAlarm browser security toolbar adds the following important protections.

  1. Warns you when you go to sites that do not have adequate security credentials.

  2. Detects known and unknown phishing Web sites.

  3. When virtualization is enabled, it can stop malicious zero day drive-by downloads, meaning malware that is not yet known by anti-virus and anti-spyware engines and has no known solution. (Not included in some versions.)*

  4. Lets you choose a Privacy Browser option when you want to leave no trace on your computer of what you’ve typed or where you’ve been. (Not included in some versions.)*

  5. Checks anything you download from the Web for malware, using a sophisticated multi-layer scanning process. (Not included in some versions.)*

  6. Blocks the processes that keylogger and screen grabber malware use to secretly record your keystrokes or onscreen activity. This helps ensure that even keyloggers or screen grabbers that have not yet been discovered are rendered harmless. (Not included in some versions.)*

Link to the full help page:

It appears it needs to install an additional toolbar in your browser (In the test system, it installed in IE but failed in my default browser, which is firefox 88) )

By the way, I’m not a ZA user (I just like playing with things :-X ) and I only use the firewall from CIS, so I’ll let you debate whether or not CIS free can cover the areas listed above :wink:

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but this protection is related to defense+ ?
because i installed only the firewall with defense+ disabled permanently, till i will find a solution to my issues

Points 1 and 2 : Comodo DNS plus in a near future SiteInspector
Point 3 : CIS manual Sandbox
Point 4 : CSC
Point 5 : Defense +

So it seems that you can have the same features with Comodo

Lets not forget Comodo Dragon, since it is a sandboxed web-browser. ;D

You are making mestake, all Comodo’s version have the same security level.

  • Antivirus
  • Defense+ (HIPS)
  • Sandbox[/b]

Comodo Complet:

  • Antivirus
  • Defense+ (HIPS)
  • Sandbox[/b]


[b]- Live PC Support - Remote Security Support & Anytime System Support - everything.

  • Trust Connect
  • $500 virus free guarantee
  • Online Backup
  • ID Theft Protection up to $15,000 [/b]

Well, I have no idea how ID theft protection works, but it’s only mentioned in the context of the ‘Complete’ version, hence my comment.

As I said, I only use and am interested in the firewall. I just presented the facts pertaining to ZA and left it for you guys to argue the details…