Does Firefox w. NoScript also prevent from cookies? [Resolved]

Yeah, that’s the question. I use NoScript, and I use a cookie manager. I’ve built up a nice white list with NS which I easily import on every new installation of Firefox, but those cookie exceptions cannot be saved. Not convenient. So, instead of blocking all cookies and have permission exceptions, can I set Firefox to allow all cookies? I’m OK with allowing cookies from NoScript white listed sites. Would NoScript block cookies from the other sites? Or is cookie handling somehow separated from websites’ script contents?


I realized it’s easy to test. Visited a site which is not white listed in NoScript. I still received a cookie from the site. :frowning:

With the addon “CS Lite” it’s easy to manage cookies in FF, that’s not the problem, I’m just sick of doing this over and over again with every reinstallation of Windows and/or Firefox. :-TD


??? i don’t get it. what’s the worst that could happen by having nasty cookies?(other than stomachache).
we can use Ccleaner or clean them up directly from the browser right ???
why don’t we just let the cookies & clean 'em up later?

This is the king freak of clean freaks we’re dealing with here. Of course you wouldn’t understand ;D

I found blocking cookies to begin with helps prevent certain pop-ups. Yeah, LA, why don’t you follow suit? Cookies are truly only needed on login or secured sites. The rest is just ■■■■.

so true ^^ he even answered his own question ^^

I’m not only a clean freak, I’m also a man of principles. Every site I visit log my IP, of course, but if I can do anything to prevent them from tracking me with cookies - I’ll do it! Firefox is set to clear cookies (and all cache/history/passwords) on every exit, that’s fine. I also run CCleaner after almost every FF session to delete Mozilla files that even Mozilla won’t delete. :slight_smile:

Anyway, now I’m back with the cookies handler addon. No one shall send me a cookie without me allowing it. >:(


EDIT, here’s the ■■■■ Firefox won’t clean up:

C:\Documents and Settings\LL\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pviuo4jw.default\cache\_CACHE_001_ 4.00KB C:\Documents and Settings\LL\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pviuo4jw.default\cache\_CACHE_002_ 4.00KB C:\Documents and Settings\LL\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pviuo4jw.default\cache\_CACHE_003_ 4.00KB C:\Documents and Settings\LL\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pviuo4jw.default\cache\_CACHE_MAP_ 8.27KB

What’s the point of the browser self-cleaning up after it closes? Even CCleaner can handle that if you want. Kind of like whitelisted HIPS, it’s better to not be “infected” with cookies to begin with and only allow the ones that are needed to work. That’s how I’ve set my browser since the beginning and it’s great :-TU

There is no point really, other than I don’t have to run CCleaner after every Firefox session. Besides it does not affect the shut down time (at least not noticeable), unlike IE which takes longer to shut down…

Now this is exactly how I work too since I began using Firefox, I block everything except for the necessary cookies. It’s great except for the issue which lead me to start this thread; it’s not possible to export the exceptions list - the white list. :-TD I suppose it’s possible to change the code (after all, it’s open source). :-La


Maybe there is one but you just don’t know which file it is.

Yes, those exceptions must be stored in a file somewhere. Maybe I can look around and find it… I did a similar thing for the OOo personal dictionary, which wasn’t possible to export but available as a separate file. :-La


Maybe not, Mr. Deletehappy.

LOL, the FF folders are intact. I even found advice how to do this:

Btw yesterday I deleted many files and folders, more or less on random, in the Windows folder (also many things in system32). Mr Deletehappy is back! This is the best way to learn!


It takes a lot of time to experiment. You’re the biggest lab rat in this forum. And you’re shying Ganda out! He hasn’t posted anything since (or maybe he thought the [resolved] indicator = locked topic)

Now it actually is locked. ??? Did you do that?

Nope. Maybe it was Mr. Locksmith (:NRD).