Does Defense+ interfere with other AV/AS programs? [RESOLVED]

Always been a curiosity of mine, and a forum search didn’t unearth any answers so I’ll ask outright.

Currently test-driving NOD32, does Defense+ hinder its real-time protection in any way?

I am considering buying an AV and an AS (either malware bytes of SuperAntiSpyware) but if defense+ hinders their operation I might just keep them on demand.

I don’t use NOD32, but it shouldn’t, all you have to do is set NOD32 to trusted or something and D+ will pretty much ignore anything it does unless the application goes through a major change, then you may just have to reconfirm a few things (mainly parent application and such).

In the case of SAS, the only thing I’ve seen comodo do to that is block it’s attempt to scan comodo’s memory or something on a complete scan (even on trusted setting), which is revealed in the logs.

NOD32 and Comodo work fine together. Comodo is a firewall with D+ as a behavior blocker. NOD32 is an anti virus. 2 different programs. I use NOD32 with Comodo.

will it interfere with avast and its protection and real time scans. i was wanting to use comodo but wasn’t sure weather it would interfere with avast and its web shield and such.

Comodo doesn’t interfere with any av. I have used Comodo with NOD32,Avira,Avast,KAV and Rising. Comodo doesn’t have a web shield.

thanks a bunch