Does Defense+ alert about updated/changed executable images?

Hallo fellow members,

I’m alpha-testing V3.0.2.5 and I’m unable to get an alert if I update or change an executable previously allowed to run.

Can anyone confirm this?

If I update Notepad2 to its latest version I don’t get an alert like inV2 stating that the signature for notepad2.exe was changed.
EDIT: well now I understand that this function is replaced by Defense+ My protected Files.
But I somewhat feel uneasy without some sort of sha1 digest :-\

Since there is no wishlist for the v3 beta i’ll post one here because its related… ;D

It would be a great thing for Defense+ to handle user defined lists of allowed legit certificates to build autoupdating rules (excluding trial time-limited certs). Maybe it willwork for the “Too many Defense+ popups when using windows update” glitch too…

For example let’s say we trust company X and this company provide digitally signed apps.

Then if we have the option to add this company certs to our lists we can let V3 silently confirm the rules we previously created when those signed apps will be updated with new digitally signed versions.

Another layer of control for the user would be letting him choose which rules could be signature-aware.