Does Defence+ play well with Windows Security Center?

Running XP pro SPK3, Comodo firewall & Defense+ version 3.13 all up to date, also use Ad-aware, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, and Spyware Blaster (all Free Editions, so no realtime apps running).

Getting the message “Windows Security Center is unavailable …” I’ve done all that was suggested there,
seems to work until I reboot, then the same problem. Services shows that the Security Center is running, but the Security Center app doesn’t think it is until I re-start the service.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Much,

Is the Security Center service set to start up automatically?

What did you try to solve it that seems to work but only until the next reboot?

Stop then restart the service. Security Center will then work until rebooting.

Tje Security Center is tied to the WMI/repository directory. You might want to take a look at rebuilding it here:

Looks like some serious drawn-out procedures are in my future. Need to Image the Drive & do some more reading before I jump into this.

Thanks for the suggestion,

Edit: Sorry for the double post…thought I might have posted in the wrong thread to begin with.