Does CPF slow down internet connection?

That is my question. I really know nothing about data transferring, I just know that I have 100 MBit download and 10 Mbit upload. Does a firewall slow it down anything? If it has to check the data somehow, all the time?

I have the same question for real-time shields too (even though this is in the firewall section on the forum), don’t really know what kind of real-time protection CAVS (and BOClean) uses, and if it slows down the connection? Perhaps the effect is neglectable?

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Hey L,

Adding any additional software layer is going to introduce some lag or overhead on the overall system. The amount of lag will vary from app to app, but all will introduce a delay of some sort. CFP is one of the fastest firewalls around and its introduced lag is barely noticeable.

Same thing applies to any form of real-time, system-wide monitoring. By the nature of its intended function, it must introduce some lag.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Or in words that actual humans can interpret (■■■■ alien mods), no, nothing noticeable.

Sounds like you mean strictly CPU or memory lag, or do you also include connection slow-down?