Does Comodo slow down computer at startup [Resolved]

After reading your first post Toggie I tried Bootvis -didn’t get what it does ??? and uninstalled it right away! Now for all those who posted those complicated instructions I am a bit rookie and is a bit too young to know all these things. As Soyabeaner said bfore running those commands I checked if the registry value was 3 and what I found I have attached as a screenshot. So what shuld I do now?? I’ll next try defragmenting windows installed drive.
For Toggie’s recommendation of StartupCPL - Doesn’t the startup tab of System Configuration Utility do the same??

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Hi Havoc.

Your registry entry looks fine, with:

EnablePrefetcher = 3

Bootvis is a little more difficult than is necessary, sorry about that.

To achieve the same thing, open a command prompt and type:

rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

Unfortunately, you won’t see much, but you may see some disk activity. Just let it run for a few minutes (on my system it takes a few seconds)

Once finished, in the same command window, type:

defrag C: -b

This will take a minute or so.

To be honest, doing these things, may, or may not improve your system start-up, but its worth a try.

When I suggested Autoruns and startupCPL, I did so because they give you more control over individual entries than msconfig. Both allow the individual cessation and deletion of entries.


BootVis has a feature to detect what gets loaded during startup, and optimize them.

But it is an advanced tool. If you’re uncomfortable using it, don’t.

That said, BootVis always crashed my home PC (running WinXP SP2), but strangely runs well on my office PC (running Win2003 SP1).

Mine takes a bit longer a start up but I have learned to live with it. :SMLR

Well I re-installed Daemon tools ran Defragmenter for C: and restarted. What I got was 1 min 5 sec login time :BNC .Well it was only 10 min faster but now I know daemon tools isn’t the one behind this delay. So Toggie you really insist on me running those commands ??

Well I don’t want anything to happen to my system, so I’ll first try StartupCPL ( Control Pannel applet) and see if I can get some better results.

Havoc, the rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks is an internal Windows command process and I have never seen any problems with. It “refreshes/updates” the prefetch directory. If anything, it can only help. I occassionally run it myself by adding it as the last line of code in a script that I run to update patches from the Windows Updates site.

The defrag c: -b is most useful if you first performed an ordinary defrag of c:. It moves the files needed for booting into an area where there is enough contiguous free space to hold it.

@pepoluan: This is exactly what bootvis does. bootvis doesn’t do a more sophisticated optimization.

Of course, c: describes your Windows boot drive. If you boot from another drive letter, you have to substitute the c: accordingly.

So it looks like I got it. Just now I found that NAV installed on my PC disables windows security cnter and takes full control on PC’s security. So it must be having some kind of inbound firewall that is in conflict with CFP delaying my startup. So it looks like I can’t have CFP installed for a quick start up :'(. I had run the commands you all gave me (rundll and defrag c). After that my login time reduced to 54 seconds ( nearly a minute) I think I’ll have to be satisfied with that.
And Thanks a lot for all of you who had the big heart to help me. (:AGL)
Once my subscription ends I will get CAVS. (V)

Havoc, I think you should be happy to get it to 54 secs with Norton: Welcome to the lair of Oli Warner - Oli Warner

Ok, I think I’ve seen somewhere else that the latest versions Norton has slimmed down, but probably not in the boot load aspect. And despite you only have the AV portion of Norton, you never know that it could be normal. Most of the programs that drag down boot time are security, but CFP shouldn’t be nearly one of the slowest.

Thanks soyabeaner (:CLP) for giving me that link or else I wuld have been wasting my whole life trying to get my PC to startup like those good old days. So Norton is the main thing causing the delay. Alright I’ll think of getting NAV off my PC but bfore that what do u all think are the best anti-virus and anti-spyware that wuld work smoothly with CFP? Ok I know CAVS wuld but I want those other than CAVS becz wherever I searched for the best anti-virus I saw that CAVS was bhind others (although CFP stands on top among firewalls)

Hmm…I think you should open a new topic in the general discussions/off-topic board and I’m sure you’ll get more responses. I have few in mind already. 8)