Does Comodo slow down computer at startup [Resolved]

After Comodo installation ( I already have Norton anti-virus without internet security) with both Norton and Comodo running with windows firewall turned off my computer is 4 times slower. Is there any way to speed up startup or is Norton and Comodo blocking each other??Pls help me.

Hi Havoc.

I’m not aware of any issues between CFP and NAV (A mod may know better). Have you checked the Norton forums for any information on this?

When you say “my computer is 4 times slower”, is this just at boot time or is it all the time?

I know there have been some issues with Kaspersky AV and CFP but for the most part they have been resolved by re-installation in a set order.

You could also look at Bootvis which optimises driver load during boot and thus speeds the whole process:


I’d say most definitely yes to the question posed for this thread. Since installing Comodo my start up got slower and slower to the point where it was taking over 4 minutes to complete. I could actually get up and make and pour a cup of tea while my system loaded!!! I also noticed that in most cases my download speed had dropped to absloutely ridiculous levels despite a speed check telling me that yes, I was running at a possible 8Mbs for downloading.

Worried about this I sought out the culprits in my start up menu and removed suspects one by one. When I removed Comodo I got an instant and significant improvement.

Obviously there was some sort of conflict with other parts of my operating programs but removing Comodo has solved the problem for good.

What I also didn’t like was Comodo constantly asking me whether or not I wanted ‘svchost’ to connect to the internet despite me ticking the allow at all times box. I thought that maybe I had a ‘nasty’ but a series of thorough scans using a variety of reputable programs proved this not to be the case… the problem must have been Comodo.

OK, Comodo is meant to be a very thorough FW but it has pissed me off in exactly the same way that ZA did.

So unless someone can provide effective solutions Comodo will go the way of ZA - consigned to the trash bin of potentially good programs with too many hassles.

My experience, startup never get slower. Well, slightly slower, but only 10-20 seconds longer than usual. And this with a “loaded” server (running RRAS, DNS, DHCP Server, and a huge other stuffs). It does not become slower over time.

It also never asked me too many questions, only during the early days (i.e. about 1 week after installation). Afterwards it chugs along merrily.

Maybe a few secs for me; hardly noticeable after a while like pepoluan’s case.

Related link:,5708.0.html

Disable block all outgoing com option if you haven’t already.

It happens just during the boot time. After that it all normal. I blieve that there is some misunderstanding between the two programs. Well I’m not sure. :THNK

Block all outgoing connections while booting ( if that’s what you meant) is already unchecked. Day after day I am getting mad with this loooooooong delay so please help me :THNK

I confess I have no problems with CFP and boot delay, so its a question of where we start. I guess the first thing is to look at which programs you have set to start when Windows starts. Clearly you have CFP and NAV, but what else do you have loading at boot time?


When you installed CFP, did you remember to disable your security software? You never know because a lot of strange events have happened and a “clean” re-installation has helped users.

Oh mayb that’s it. I had NAV protecting my PC while I installed CFP and also had Windows defender ( that I disabled later, who needs it anyway) enabled. So Soyabeaner do u mean I have to try a clean -reinstallation??
For toggie’s question I have the following to start with windows excluding CFP and NAV:
3-Nvidia Control Panel
4-Deamon Tools
Is any of that causing the delay??

Hey soyabeaner after following the link to another post u gave me in this post I completely turned of Windows firewall (Earlier I hadn’t bothered to go to advanced tab). And by this I managed to reduce my log in time (Time from my click on my user name in the logon screen to the time I have my computer open) from 2 minute 20 sec sec to 1 min 40 sec :BNC while I could do that in 40 seconds bfore installing CFP. Thanks.

Wow, that actually worked? All that’s left is that 1 minute different. CFP shouldn’t cause that much of a delay. There must still be another culprit.

You don’t have to try a clean reinstallation. It was only a suggestion because I can’t think of anything else.

Wow, that actually worked?


1 minute 40 seconds is still a long time to wait, but as to the reason…

I remember trying Windowblinds sometime in the dim and distant past, and found that it increased the whole load time for XP, so it came off. It’s also possible there is a ‘conflict’ between NAV and CFP. As I said in an earlier post, some people have experienced issues when running CFP and Kaspersky AV.

These issues have been resolved by removing both KAV and CFP and simply reinstalling them. It may be worth a try with NAV and CFP.


There have been a couple of reports of daemon tools not playing nice with CFP. As a test, try uninstalling daemon tools and rebooting.

Let us know how this goes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Alright I’ll remove daemon tools and try rebooting.
Yah Toggie 1 min 40 sec is so long a time .But uninstalling NAV and then installing NAV again takes bout an hour as after re-installing I have to start a full scan which can take more than an hour. Then update NAV. Oh my I have got a lot of other works to do. I’ll try re-installing in the end if nothing works.Hope I’ll not have to re-install.

Well I uninstalled daemon tools and bfore re-installing I rebooted and found that I logged in and opened my computer in 1minute 15 seconds. :Beer But this isn’t where I need to get. So looks llike there is something else messing with startup. Oh I am getting closer to having NAV re-installed (:SAD)

I think it would be worth while taking a close look at exactly what is loading at boot time.

May I suggest you download either Autoruns or some thing slightly more simple StartupCPL

Both of these are free are are extremely useful applications. They will allow you to determine exatcly what is loading at boot time. Perhaps then, you can make some decisions about what you do and don’t need.

As I said in my first post, it may be worth while running bootvis but leave that until last.


You may also run a defrag c: -b which does the same as bootvis optimization does.


weaker is right. You don’t need BootVis. Don’t forget to run this command in the Start menu:
rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

This essentially invokes XP’s prefetcher and updates the layout.ini file in your prefetch directory, which also affects boot-time (assuming you left the default registry value of 3 = boot and application load prefetch). This takes up to 15 min. (Mine takes about a few minutes to finish). Normally, if you system is idle for a certain amount of time, XP does this automatically every 3 days or reboot (I don’t know the real answer).

Weaker and Soyabeaner are both correct. I’d forgotten about the command line options (must be getting old - [sigh]).