Does Comodo Secure wireless connections?

I am new to the forum. Would like to know if Comodo secures wireless connections.

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Regarding your WiFi connection, you probably want to check out this thread, that discusses how to secure your WiFi… It not only has info regarding CFP in that way, but also other things you can do as a user to help protect it.,361.0.html

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Thank you-it is interesting, but I wanted to know: when I am travelling and I am linking to a free wireless line (hotel, cybercafè), can I protect my laptop with Comodo and how?

I have read articles that was saying some of firewalls don’t protect wi-fi connections unless you pay them. But CFP isn’t like that. Because it’s free lifetime.

I use my computer on both cable and wireless area and see CFP works with the same way. It controls all adapters of PC and works with them. (You can see this on “System Info” section of “Summary” tab of CFP.)


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that’s great news!

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Thanks to founders and developers of Comodo!



I apologize for misunderstanding your question. If you really want to dive in to securing your wireless connection from hotspots, you might read through this topic:,6342.msg47147.html#msg47147. User jobeard has some specific requirements for security that he wanted to accomplish, and we discussed how that could be done with CFP.

If you have done like he has, and created a home LAN (or other Zone) where all traffic is allowed, this might be of interest. If you have not created such Zones/Trusted Networks, it is probably not necessary.

If you have any further questions about your wireless connections, please feel free to ask.


Thank you again, little Mac, I am going to see the article immediately. (CNY)