Does COMODO sandbox lower security?

Hi, I was wondering if COMODO sandbox lowers your security. I heard from some people it does and from some people it does not so I am very confused right now. ??? If it does, please tell me what settings I need to change. The reason why I made this a poll is because I have a feeling some people will say yes while others say no. I will take the advise the majority say. Sorry if this post is stupid. :frowning:

Let me ask you this, if the sandbox lowered security do you think comodo would be using it by default?

The sandbox offers different restriction levels because of this. My advice for what to use can be found here.

for usability reasons maybe YES! But for me the question is, what means lowered security? Lower to what? What means lower? @ TO, please explain more specifically.

Maybe COMODO still would if it can block some types of viruses but I heard that a firewall tester program could breach. It was in the news/announcements forum.

Thank you to whoever moved my post. I was sleepy yesterday when I made the post so I picked the wrong forum… :-[

I’m not sure that a firewall tester program can breach the firewall because of the sandbox. Most probably it’s because CIS sandboxes the unknown application where it works and imagines that it has the full control over system though in reality it is not?

Yes. There has to be room for improvement.