Does Comodo run before or under Windows Firewall

I had a problem on a system with ICS as client machines couldn’t do DNS resolution, and realised that Windows Firewall was not configured to all DNS.

I thought CFP would automatically disable Windows Firewall, but clearly doesn’t.

Does Comodo Firewall check packets before passing through Windows Firewall or vice versa?

You should never ever run two or more firewalls at the same time.
Disable Windows Firewall.

Sure about that?Cause I’m running both of them without any issue.My PC is like a rocket ;D
With other firewalls it’s not like that.Every time windows firewall reports a problem.But not with comodo:)

Two running firewalls will create a conflict and present unusual and hard to track down issues.

Ummmmmmmmm do not doubt a mod. YOU CANNOT RUN 2 FIREWALLS AT THE SAME TIME NOR IS IT NECESSARY. Just like you never run 2 anti viruses. Do some research yourself if you do not believe us.

It’s fine to run two firewalls if one is hardware and one is software. Two software firewalls is a big no-no though. You often end up being less secure due to conflicts.

I think that windows firewall is inteligent enough and will report if there is a problem.Like every time before.
But(again) not with comodo.

Maybe it makes own rules to avoid the issues:)


Thats common sense. We are talking about Windows Firewall and Comodo Firewall. Nobody mentioned hardware firewall. I run a hardware firewall/NAT for my inbounds and Comodo for my outbounds.

It’s also common sense not to run two software firewalls… I’m aware that nobody mentioned hardware firewall. I was merely pointing out what might not have been obvious to some.

That’s an assumption that I’d never make. From your screenshots, it’s obvious that CIS’s AV isn’t reporting properly, what makes you sure that the firewall portion isn’t also misreporting? I notice that it isn’t even mentioning Comodo’s firewall…

I tried with comodo firewall and avira premium.That makes me sure;)

Windows Security Center not properly reporting is a common problem. You need to rebuilt the repository folder.

OK i respect what you say,but please answer that.Why this happens just with comodo.Not with OA,nor Outpost or ZA?

The image bequick shows what Action Center reports. The term Action Center points us to Win 7 and most likely the RC build 7100. This version comes with a new format for the Security Center that CIS does not support as of yet.

The format will also be introduced for Vista: Home | Windows Blog .