Does Comodo protects from infectious emails ?

I wonder if Comodo firewall pro protects the computer from infectious emails. That is does it scan the incoming emails detecting viruses and other malware ? If not how can I protect ny computer from infectious emails?

Not the firewall alone. COMODO Anti Virus included in COMODO Internet Security (AV, FW, D+) does though. It doesn’t have an email scanner becuase it’s not needed. Any malware that wants to do harm must be written to the hard drive or memory which CIS constantly scans. So, yes it does protect against infectious emails. It will detect the malware as soon as the email attachment is opened or saved. :slight_smile:

Nothing gets passed CIS… Set it to proactive security and you will be fine…
If you see something “wierd” asking for permission DENY it, and ask at the forum what to do… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As for mails there is something called phishing I bet you heard of it, Its a scam commonly used Phishing - Wikipedia don’t fall for that, in a case like that, CIS can’t protect you, but common sense can.

guys, i think the OP just asking whether CIS has email scanner or not 88)

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nope,not yet, CIS doesn’t have email scanner at the moment.
but it’s not really urgent to have email scanner. even if you download an infected email attachment, when the malware tries to execute, CIS realtime will catch the malware.

here’s a discussion about the need of email scanner: (:NRD)

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But you can forward those mails without knowing of infection containing, and others can receive infected mails from you…