Does Comodo protect an extra user in an extra private profile ?

My daughter bought a Laptop with WIN XP Home edition and SP1.
At some time SP2 was added, and also Comodo replaced previous protection.

I was using WIN 98 with dial-up modem, so my son added a second user profile for me to access broadband.

Question 1.
Too late for me to do anything about it now, but when I was using my profile, did Comodo automatically give full protection to the whole system as it did when my daughter was using her computer.
I am concerned because when Comodo was installed it put stuff in her private profile,
so if that was part of what is needed for full protection when she is using the P.C.,
that suggests the protection is incomplete when I am using the P.C. without any Comodo stuff in my profile

Our two profiles are separate and private from one another. Neither of us has access to the other profile.

Question 2.
Is the P.C. still fully protected when she uses it ?
I now am administrator and maintain the software.
I have upgraded Comodo several times, mostly with a clean install after deleting the old version.
I now have the fear that her profile never gets the benefit of what is installed in my profile.


It is known that a new installation may fail unless all traces of the old are first removed.
I know for certain that the various cleanup tools make no attempt to remove Comodo residues from her profile when I am cleaning up before a new installation.
I think it most probable that Comodo makes no attempt to cleanse her profile when un-installing.

When she next logs on, her entire profile will contain all the old Comodo stuff for the obsolete version,
and know nothing of the new.
I am afraid that not only is there a lack of correct configuration for her to use the new Comodo version,
there is also the possibility that the old configuration my attempt to use program files which are no longer part of Comodo.

When I next upgrade I will use Revouninstaller to launch the removal, and follow up with a cleanup script that targets Comodo residues that are known about.
And if she should, ought there to be some way to repeat the initial Comodo UN-installation so her profile is squeaky clean ?

After un-installing the old and cleaning up residues etc., when I eventually install the latest version of Comodo via my own profile, is there any additional action that should be done from my daughter’s profile.


Hi Alan,

Yes it should protect all accounts on your system, there are two places where I have some doubts, and they regard Defense+

Temp folders
C:\Users<InstallingUserID>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

Startup folders
C:\Users<InstallingUserID>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

These seem to be created for the user who installs the software.

In regards to left overs, most of those are only located in the general locations.
All important files reside in C:\Program files\comodo\comodo internet security and C:\Windows

Thank you for the advice.

My daughter’s profile was only used for installation of Comodo 2.4 approx, a long time before Defense+,
so her profile should be free of any Defense+ remnants.

Since then she has dropped admin status so anything which does take over with her privileges will be crippled in how much damage will allow it to do. I now give her account Admin status only when we need to make changes for her that would otherwise be blocked by Windows user restrictions.


:-TU good setup, only use Admin for changing system stuff, not for everyday tasks.