Does Comodo possibly block Cyberghost?

Lately Cyberghost doesn’t work no more. The GUI won’t start properly, with that circle symbol keeping spinning. Reinstalling didn’t help, either.
If i try to download the latest version, there is a message, that Comodo blocks this site. I never saw Comodo blocking sites before, so maybe that is related somewhow?
Any help appreciated.

Is this a help board? 4 days, and no answer?

Hi abr,
Yes this is a help board, but remember it is a community based Forum and members will only reply if they know how to help.
The site maybe blocked with CIS’s web filter, if you are satisfied that the site is safe you could temporarily disable the web filter.
Website Filtering-Comodo Help

Do you get any alerts when the program fails?


I’m using Cyberghost VPN and haven’t noticed any problems. However, when I used to have Peerblock installed alongside I did see a lot of issues which sound like that. Do you have something like Peerblock installed?