Does Comodo phone home, install adware or other malware?

I’m always apprehensive & suspicious of “freeware” since few are without gotchas. Even opensource apps phone home under the pretense of “updating” the app (firefox, for example, has so many dirty little connection tricks that it’s difficult to find them all). Since a firewall can do whatever it wants, it’s even a more sensitive point than usual because it could easily be used as a trojan with total impunity.

So does Comodo connect to the internet in any way at all without prior permission? And does it install anything which goes beyond the obviouis stated function of the app?

No. Of course not, COMODO is not only a well respected site, COMODO personal firewall has been reviewed by several well respected review websites. I invite you to check websites such as PC MAG, to confirm it has been reviewed.

You will be happy to find that COMODO firewall is light, and more importantly, spyware free.

Info-Sec is right. Don’t worry snoot, you’ll be fine using CFP 3. Any suspicious/malicious behavior would pretty much ruin the whole idea of the Comodo company, which is all about trust!



Check for the lastest leak test comparative. Currently on there as 3rd place though they’ve not tested the latest version of cpf.

Just read comodo’s policies on the main website.


OK, things sound very promising, it seems worth my time to give Comodo a test drive. I’m going to load it into a VMware virtual machine and if it does phone home, I’ll know because my current firewall, kerio (pre-sunbelt), will detect it in the host OS and present a popup window. I’ll also sandbox before I set it loose, so if anything funny is written to the disk or the registry, I’ll know that too. But you guys are so confident, I fully expect things to go well.

read this, the reason why comodo gives its products for free (:HUG) (R)

Do 2 firewalls (even in that environment) cause conflicts ???

Most likely Soy especially under a Sandbox. You cannot install Comodo under a Sandbox cause after installing Comodo you need to reboot and when you reboot Comodo will not be there cause it didnt get written to the drive.

No. In a VMware environment they do not.