Does Comodo need these Vista services to be running? [Resolved]

I am tweaking the system with the suggestions found on Black Viper site.
In this page
he talks about some services which can be disabled if one uses an hardware firewall, while they must run for the Windows Firewall.
Do you know if they must run also for a third party firewall as Comodo to function well?
Or I can disable them?

Windows firewall is separate from Comodo. Be careful of what you disable. If you disable certain things then it may make other programs not run properly. Honestly if you bench mark your pc now and then bench mark after you do those tweaks I bet you will not notice any difference in speed and performance.

Well, it is clear, it can be dangerous.
But are you sure sure sure that if the OS is running 20 or 10 different services I will not notice any difference? I also suspected that with 3G of Ram I should have not had to worry about these things.
There is not a way to know what a service does, to be able to know if we can disable it? I mean, I can obviously disable Computer Browser, as it is just for networks, not for internet, and I am not connected to a network.

Anyway, about COmodo, when you say that it has nothing to do with Windows Firewall, do you mean that it does not need those services? I know that it is completely separated from WF, but I was wondering if those services are needed only by WF, or also by any other third party software firewall… As Comodo.

No it does not need those services and with 3 gigs of ram you don’t need any tweaking. If it runs fine then leave well enough alone. My best advice about BlackViper is ignore it.

I liked it. Ok, I visited the site once. But it seemed serious…

Turning off unnecessary services DOES improve performance and can improve security also, so I don’t agree with you on this one Vett :slight_smile:

Sir Joe - read this :slight_smile:

Thanks Commodus,
I am trying to download it with a program to see it offline.
It looks quite similar to BV indeed…

Maybe. But I like this one better, cos it doesn’t have that black backgroud whitch is tiresome for me and it gives you a clear explanation of services (what a particular service does and why you need to keep it or disable it) :slight_smile:

About the black, nothing to say, it is black…
But possibly they can have add something since the last time you visited, as I find this quite exaustive:
Now, as they are so ■■■■ similar, even in the name (BV, SV…), for the theory of morphogenetic fields they could have developed the same idea independently, or if not, one is copying the other.
In this precise moment, I do not wish to investigate. I am downloading both with ScrapBook Firefox Addon… And I will read it when I can.

I guess I need to rest a bit, it is a week I am full time with this notebook…

Cheers! :wink:

AFAIK, the only service CFP needs its own Comodo Firewall Helper service.

V is right - do not attempt to disable services unless you’re a tweaker like some of us here (guilty as charged ;D) and like to squeeze as much out of performance as possible. Of course, with higher end system the results will realistically be less noticeable. But the part about increased security that Commodus states is also true.

Turning off unnecessary services DOES improve performance and can improve security also, so I don't agree with you on this one Vett

Not by any really noticeable amount, and we have tested that thoroughly on my other main Tech site. It’s far safer for the common user to leave these alone because your resource saving is minimal but your chances of doing something harmful is considerably higher. Tell the truth here, I don’t know of a single high level tech that would agree with most people going in and turning off services using only these sites for reference.
I’ve been very familiar with BV and his testing methods for these, and I won’t recommend to anyone except the most resource hobbled machines, to follow the advice given.
Especially in todays world of high resource machines, it makes even less sense to do these tweaks. About the only ones I say a user can do safely are specific ones for certain devices or features that the user doesn’t have or use, like Tablet PC, Smart Card, ReadyBoost if not being used, Remote Registry for the same reason, things like that.

We’ve seen literally Thousands of cases at my other sites where people come in with strange issues that eventually are traced to a service being disabled at some time using these Services tweak sites. And by “Eventually”, I mean like weeks to months later because in most cases the user completely forgets that they’ve made these tweaks, or they don’t make any connection to that.
In the BEST CASE scenarios we tested (XP, SP1 & 2…we haven’t done Vista yet but they’re basically the same services and resource users), the best savings was 22.5MB of RAM, and no measurable amount of CPU or disk access savings, since almost none of them are constantly accessing either resource…they’re simply memory resident.

Wait until you see the other thread…you’ll faint :o. BV is a kitten compared to BF, but that’s a different story ;D

Anyway, this is starting to stray off from the main topic tied to CFP and because the question has been answered, I’ll close this down :P0l. Feel free to PM a mod if you feel it hasn’t been adequately addressed .