Does Comodo make RAM [Virtual Memory] Usage Increase ?

I’m just wondering if Comodo uses a lot of RAM and virtual memory. I was just broswing normally, and I get a “Virtual Memory too low” message. Is that natural and I have nothing to worry about ? I do run a variety of programs in the background (like program monitoring and antivirus, the ones in my signature), can that add to the issue ? I’m also asking because my sister frequently has these messages (but then again, she does have PF Usage up to the 400s on her natural run).

Anyway, do I have to worry about it, and is my Virtual Memory Value going to stay the value I put it in if Windows does increase the usage (I hope temporarily) ?

You can always check which program is the guilty by using task manager. Since you saw this while browsing, i bet it was internet explorer or another browser.