Does comodo learn new rules in safe mode?

I’ve always received alerts from comodo when I connect to internet or activate certain programs, and always allowed them, but recently I have not seen any alerts for internet or the programs. Is it because it has learned my responses?

I did recently have a proactiv update too, but I doubt that is the cause as it was updated before the alerts lessened.

Basically yes, you are not seeing alerts for programs because they have been learned and given a policy.

If from the main interface you go to Firewall->Advanced->Network security policy->Application rules->Here you will find a list of the programs which allready have a rule established.

When in “Safe mode” from the help file

Safe Mode: While filtering network traffic, the firewall will automatically create rules that allow all traffic for the components of applications certified as 'Safe' by Comodo. For non-certified new applications, you will receive an alert whenever that application attempts to access the network. Should you choose, you can grant that application Internet access by choosing 'Treat this application as a Trusted Application' at the alert. This will deploy the predefined firewall policy 'Trusted Application' onto the application.

‘Train with Safe Mode’ is the recommended setting for most users - combining the highest levels of security with an easy-to-manage number of connection alerts.