Does Comodo Internet Security Premium include a program called browsermngr?

Upgraded to 5.12…2599 and experienced problems with DNS and scripts not running in Firefox.
Uninstalled all Comodo products and reinstalled.
Still had problem with Firefox.
While looking for solutions discovered a program called browsermngr.exe running that installed inself in ProgramData folder.
There are registry entries and a service that restart it when I end it and it appears to be part of Comodo install in registry (but I am not an expert).
Was going to go through the trials and tribulations of trying to remove, but thought I would check here first.

Thanks for any info you can provide

Dan C.

Hi and welcome Carrbigdog,
I have Google searched browsermngr.exe and it could be involved with a number of products, nothing Comodo that I am aware of.
Right clicking on the .exe file and view properties might show enough details to what it belongs to.

Regarding your DNS issue, did you opt into using Comodo Secure DNS during install?
If yes, try disabling it by selecting Obtain DNS server address automatically in the final step in the instructions below ( Steps may vary slightly in Windows 8 ).
Manually enabling or disabling Comodo Secure DNS Service

I have changed so many things that I am not sure if I took that option, but I had reset the DNS address to Google ( based on recommendations from somewhere and that seems to work sometimes.
I now have reset it to automatically detect DNS address.
I understand that with Verizon they reroute all DNS inquiries to their DNS service so I am not sure it matters that whether I have an address specified or not.
Things seem to be working now.

Thanks and you can consider this issue closed.

Thanks Carrbigdog, I hope it continues working properly. :slight_smile:

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