Does Comodo have too many pop ups?

ok. im glad for you. but your reinforcing my point. how much time did you spend configuring and finding your answer in the forum? my father for example is 6 yrs older than you. he wouldnt know to go to the forum and find the answer. he is 2 hrs away. about 2 1/2 yrs ago i started this quest w/ firewalls for that reason alone. i upgraded his zone alarm and it was ■■■■. we all know that! he was angry cuz i did it while i was visiting and i trusted za so i did it before i went back home. i got frustrating calls and it took me an hour to walk him through an uninstall. za was gone as far as i was concerned. they still are. they dropped the ball and never recovered. if comodo wants to go that route that is their choice.

when i first joined this forum(about 2 yrs) that was one of the 1st things i asked. melih promised comodo wasnt going to go there

im not a rookie. just read your last sentence. are you serious? i have tried everything forward and backward while beta testing comodo and 3 other major security co’s. ill just let that slide.

v941726 dude, it takes less than 30 seconds to set up Comodo optimally on any given PC. Every time I reinstall it cleanly, I need no more than that to set the firewall to a trouble-free, but reliable level. That doesn’t exactly make anyone sweat.

I could show it to you first-hand, but you’re not worth such assistance. You’re irreverent, arrogant, and you resist help. In addition, you generate too much post traffic while providing no new information.

Somebody ban this guy please.

Last week I installed CIS 3.10.102363.531 without so much as a single pop-up and I’ve been using CIS for less than 3 months. I would expect that someone who had been using Comodo for over 10 years or even an experienced Granny to be far more proficient than I am!


I am starting to think this guy is a troll and has no real beef. The “50” people who have asked him to uninstall Comodo are all in his imagination and I think if we just ignore him he will give up and crawl back into his hole. Read back through this thread and tell me i’m wrong.

go back to 3.8

This is your advice after burying this members post under 2+ pages of “there are too many pop-ups”?

Ignore him norton, do not go back to CIS 3.8 as you will lose the ability to receive AV updates. It’s better to define the problem as you’re doing now.

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No, I think he’s for real but just doesn’t set the program up for minimal interraction. My preferred settings are Firewall in safe mode, D+ in Clean PC, Internet security configuration with Image Execution turned on and all monitor settings checked. I also think that CIS gives too many alerts, even on those settings, but nowhere near as many as what he says he gets.

The word is “lose”.

ok lets start with:
which application you run is giving you a popup?
which application you install, even though you tick the install mode is giving you lots of popups?
do you have any other security software installed?
What is your OS?


do you moderators these or only the good ones?

I am wondering the exact same thing about you! I’ve installed CIS many times without so much as 1 pop-up so I have an extremely hard time relating to these ‘tons of problems’ you keep citing. Comodo is the most user friendly pop-up free computer security system with the very best protection I’ve ever used plus its light on system resources so I find your posturing and claims completely incongruent with my own Comodo experience.


+1 :-TU
Popups occur with software installation, unless you switch to Installation Mode. Then you may still get a few (1 to 5) popups, but NOTHING like what’s being described by v941726. I have been using CIS since it first came out in Beta and have seen popups decrease with each version of CIS released, some versions being specifically directed at reducing popups. Adding signed executables to the trusted vendors list also helps to minimize popups. Comodo has added trusted vendors the last 1 or 2 versions. Individual users have had that option for I don’t remember how long. The bottom line is if you don’t want to get popups, you can successfully set CIS to get very few popups. Me thinks v941725 doth protest waaaay too much.

meant; read all the problems people are clearly having

of course they have. you guys dont want to hear constructive criticism. i expected that. whenever i tell it like it is, my posts get moved

Your posts were moved to a more appropriate section. As you can see, these CIS release topics often become a mess after a while.

I also think that Comodo give too many alerts. I installed it for my aunt yesterday. The first alert she got was “ekrn.exe want to access the internet”. My interogation is, why a process as popular as NOD32 are not already in the safe process list? 90+% of user will not know what ekrn.exe is without searching the Internet. Even with the Threatcast Rating, a majority of user will feel unconfortable to allow or disallow a software to access the Internet. 99%+ of user will want ekrn.exe to access the Internet too.

Maybe that Comodo could have an online database updated regulary for a safe apps list, it could be updated on a dayly basis, instead of a local one, needing an software update to be effective. (maybe it’s already the case)

In my opinion, they should be a way to run comodo and to receive alert only when an unknow or unsafe application want to access the Internet. In other words, they should be a way to use it like the Windows firewall with normal apps (NOD32, Mirc, Pidgin, uTorrent, etc).

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I used CIS for a while, and once started a thread here on how excessive popups were hurting CIS’s credibility and popularity among average computer users.

I have recommended CIS to well over 50 people among family, friends, and business associates. Many of them had to remove it because the popups were “driving them nuts”. I know exactly what they mean, it can get tedious and frustrating. When you select “Trusted Program”, that should mean every function and child process the program opens is trusted, and it should never throw another popup related to that program.

Having said that, I too have noticed the popups have reduced somewhat. I think there is still much work to be done in this regard. I know it isn’t easy. Trusted applications reminds me of New York City. One can know and trust thousands of New Yorkers, but one can’t be acquainted with everyone in the city

ESET is already listed in Trusted vendors. So the first question would be “Why ESET did not digitally sign ekrn.exe?”