Does Comodo have an Official CFP Test and Fix Team?

If not, would it not be advisable to form such teams?

Forumers can help to a certain degree, but we really need a test and fix team from Comodo to help improve the release quality that is being delivered. You just can’t put all the burden on the developers and expect wonders.

I realize this will possibly result in investing additional funds, but I think CFP is to far down the line now not to keep investing.

Having developers continuously add new function is fine, but you really need to get all the kinks out too. This is where a test and fix team would help tremendously.

I guess the big question would be, Is it worth the investment?

I cannot answer that.

Al (if it were only that simple) Adric

Good Day,

I Strongly agree…

The last 2 releases have been Very Poor, & obviously Needed More pre-release testing…

Thank You, (:WAV)


I think Comodo should have a Test Team to test the products before releasing to users, yes.

For example:
CFP Testing Team on Windows XP
CFP Testing Team on Windows Vista

and you test CFP on both operating systems, you test EACH function, and wala! yes… this could mean more investment… But smart idea.

i like the idea!


A few lessons learned from building big systems

  1. Developers do not make good operational testers
  2. Developers do not make good system engineers
  3. Customers/users get really ■■■■■■ off when used as alpha testers
  4. An ounce of proper prerelease testing can alleviate a pound of problem reports
  5. Prerelease planning and communication is essential to a successful release
  6. Late is forgiven if performance is there

So there is certainly a lot of utility in a joint Comodo-user approach to improving the product and its release cycle. :slight_smile: