Does Comodo has a screensaver-lock mode. [Resolved]


I’m new here so please excuse any sadness on my part. I used the free version of ZoneAlarm for years, and always used the feature, screensaver lock, internet lock, auto lock, whatever its called. By the way I tried to search what I’m looking for using those parameters, but to no avail. You were able to allow programs to pass lock, if the needed to access the Internet, such as NOD32. Does Comodo have this feature? If not, how could I protect my PC while it’s idle (through the night while left on)? Is it even recommended to do that, I assumed since it was an option it was ok? Or is this firewall good enough to leave my PC unattended for a long period of time and not have to worry about protection? Any help/explanation would be appreciated. And again, please excuse my ignorance.

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If you have not modified the network monitor rules, then you are perfectly protected even when you are not at the pc.

CFP works like a gateway NAT firewall and every packet that is not requested by your pc will be blocked/dropped automatically. :wink:

In addition to pandlouk’s post, if you want to lock everything down, just right-click the systray icon, go to Security Level, and select Block All. Then absolutely nothing will go in or out. Locked up like Fort Knox! ;D


Is there a way to create a hotkey like say the Enter key to toggle this on and off? 88). Apparently, 2 clicks with a search in between is too much work for the lazy like me.

Thank you all for your help, it’s good to know I can leave without worrying




No problem, glad to answer such an easy question! :wink: Some people like harder ones (which we’re glad to answer as well); some are just too lazy, I guess… :smiley:


I don’t think that I remember any hotkey solutions for CFP, at this specific point in time, in regards to the question you have asked herein. I think that I remember this being one of the issues with the full-screen gaming and popups not showing; users wanted a hotkey solution, if nothing else…

However, since you are now the official “search maestro” you could do a search and let me know if I have encountered that question before, and/or if there is a known or posted solution to said question.

If you’re not struck by an extreme attack of laziness in the final moment, that is… ;D


Fine (sigh). LM, just lock this topic and call it a day. I don’t feel…like…searching…

(To be honest, it was out of curiosity as such a feature is not going to be used by me. How safe is it to have the most commonly used key, the Enter, as a toggle for your entire security ;D).

I’d lock it, but I think it’s my naptime. Hey, why don’t we have a “nap” icon (and a “scratches head” one as well)?

Well, a hotkey probably wouldn’t be great, but what do I know? I’m not a programmer, I can type… ;D


was this what you were talking about little mac?,2520.0.html

Thank you, ForzaItalia. At least you have the energy unlike us. I remember seeing that one before and Egemen’s explanation only further proves how insecure it is to have a hotkey feature.

I dub thee, “Sir Search Maestro, II”

Great job, ForzaItalia! Wasn’t what I remembered, but it works. I recalled seeing it from some of Wisanggeni’s rants :wink: about the full-screen gaming and popups. Looks like he eventually came around to a new way of thinking though, based on his comments there. Wonder what it was that changed him…?


PS: I thoroughly enjoyed the rants; while wisanggeni was obviously frustrated, it was a hoot for me to read, after the fact… (no offense intended toward anyone involved in said topics/posts)

Before I posted the question, I honestly did search for an answer using what I mentioned. I obviously searched the wrong key words. Regardless, thank you very much for the help.


tire avanti!!!

I believe you, FI…

I used to use the Advanced Search features tirelessly, but after upgrades a month or so ago (maybe almost two months), the feature has not worked the way it did before; it seems like it is not returning proper results.

So don’t feel too bad that you didn’t find it before.


I really think you should lock this before it trails off any further, but the search function is still effective if you enable Search in topic subjects only.

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I figured that’s what you were doing; I found that trick myself, before you turned into the Maestro. Still not as good as it used to be.

Okay, I’ll flip the “Lazy” switch to Off and lock it.

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