DOES COMODO FW INTERFERE with other AV with firewalls thar are on line?

When start my PC I can’t my AV to load, then or thereafter…unless I unplug my cable conector before starting up. I have Windows XP SPII, my server has an Antivirus made by Kaspersky which includes a firewall on line, so they say…Such firewall I can’ t my fingers on, save to open and close ports, and phoning my server (Telefonica Imagenio 3 Mgbs pack) has no use at all.

Before installing COMODO FW, I’ ve had other firewalls that did not cause this trouble (and yes I unistalled them properly, cleaning afterwards any traces with RegSeeker).

I also have my Windows XP firewall disabled, just in case, although it is said this in unnecessary.

I love this firewall, and I do like my Kaspersky AV, but they seem to hate each other… Is that so? If I had the real Kaspersky I could perhaps disable its Fwall, but like I said, that function is on line (althougth it never asks me permission for nothing, which is the reason I distrust it to begin with.

Sufferer in Spain, Komodoman (:LOV)

Greetings KOMODOMAN,

I’ve read about problems with KAV and CPF here:

And about this firewall, I don’t know how it works.
Does it works like a router firewall or a normal one?
If it works like a normal one it should be disabled as it’ll be like running two firewalls, which is never recommend as they most likely will conflict with the other one.