Does Comodo FW installer also contain AV?

I want the Comodo FW and AV, but not Defense+. Does the Comodo FW installer from the following link also contain the AV?

Please don’t suggest I install CIS instead, as there are reports of blue screen for Win 8.1U1.

Hi SilentMusic7,
The Firewall and Antivirus are both optional components of Comodo Internet Security.
Each of the installers contain both components, the difference being that some are scripted to only install the desired component(s) by default.
Defense+ is integrated into Comodo Internet Security and is not selectable.
Defense+ will be installed regardless of the components selected.

Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

I have a new PC with Win8.1U1, and I am trying to avoid the blue screen issue mentioned in this thread:

My understanding from that thread is that the blue screen issue is due to the Defense+ component(s) of CIS, which I don’t want anyway. I could install CIS and disable the HIPS and behavior blocker (auto sandbox) features. Can I do this before a blue screen happens? Does this prevent execution of the Defense+ component(s)? What are the names of the Defense+ processes and services (so I can try this experiment on my Win7 PC)?

Would a better way be to install the Comodo FW and add the AV component?

i think that blue screen is specific to their machine. im running all components of defense + just fine without any blue screens on win 8.1 update 1. maybe it has something to do with the amd processor, im running an intel cpu

I kind of remember earlier discussions involving issues with CIS and Win 8.1 (Pre update 1) were mostly with HP systems, but I am failing to find the discussion to back up my memory.

SilentMusic7, always have a backup plan in place.
Also it should not make a difference whether or not you install both the AV/FW together.

Thank you wasgij6 and captainsticks for your help. You have encouraged me to give Comodo a try on my new Win8.1U1 PC. I will do a full backup before installing Comodo.

You have also provided some valuable clues to solving the blue screen mystery. I added this post to the thread about the blue screen bug:;msg766052#msg766052