Does comodo follow matousec characteristics of an ideal firewall

Well matousec…the same people who got Comodo a great firewall testing rating, has a page of what in ideal personal firewall is.

Common concept Self-protection Verification of own components Inbound and outbound protection Process protection File and component protection Driver protection Service protection Registry protection Protection of other system resources Parent process control Control of automatically started programs Sniffing protection Protection of system resources No ring3 hooks

Im sure Comodo PF has all of those :smiley:

If im wrong correct me.

They might have looked at that list… ;D
or it might be the other way around… :wink:

Process protection
File and component protection
Driver protection
Service protection
Registry protection

These five security measures are generally covered by a classic HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Detection System), something that Comodo is aspiring to eventually include in a later release of their firewall. Their current release does, to some extent, offer some of this protection with its Application Component Authentication and Application Behavior Analysis, but certainly not to the extent an all-out HIPS would offer. BTW, I am running the latest beta CPFW with System Safety Monitor HIPS and the two work extremely well together.

Do you use the free version?

No, the full version for about a month. The free ver is pretty good, though. The differences between the two can be seen here:

The learning curve on SSM is fairly steep, but it’s not too bad if you spend some quality time at it. I think I’ve got most of it figured out, at least the important stuff :slight_smile:

how much mem and cpu usage does the ssm take up?


Anti-Hook in my opinion is far better then SSM and uses a fraction of the resources…i have never seen anti-hook go over 1% usage and i dont remember the exact ram usage but it was very small

I just installed it, and SSM takes 6 mb.

thanks for the info…

the HIPS functionality in CF will be around 1meg… so I think we are optimal for our operations :slight_smile:


That sounds great. ;D

lol so much for Anti-Hook being small i just downloaded their newest version 3.0 and while it blocks just about everyleaktest there is on its own it uses damn near 60megs between the ram and the virtuall ram…cant wait for the next major release of CPF (R)

Ohh, that sound really great :slight_smile:


Melih you are crazy :BNC

I just tried running Prosecurity which is a hips like ssm…u can find here

I find prosecurity free better then ssm free but ssm paid is better.

I couldn’t run them both together but not because of conflicts but because Comodo and prosecurity kept popping up at same time so basically Comodo PF already has a hips since its behavior analysis keeps going off same time.

What kind of geniuses have you got to make a HIPS at only 1mb! You Geniuses!

It will probably be like the hips found in

Thanks (:NRD)

Well, the whole infrastructure for HIPS is already in CPF (:WIN) so fleshing it all out will only add minimal memory usage.