Does Comodo Firewall Pro delay internet connection?

My PC is equipped with Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 1 and is connected by broadband. It is installed with Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.25.378, Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware v4.27, avast! Antivirus v4.8.1229 and WinPatrol v15.5.2800.0.

On each start-up, the Local Area Connection (LAN) customised under ‘private network’ allows access to Local only. Sometimes, the network adapter has to be reset following the “diagnose and repair”. Or, after a short delay, LAN will allow Local and Internet access as normal.

I am not sure if a global rule will have to be added into Comodo Firewall Pro. Currently, I have an existing one - “Block ICMP In from Any to IP Any Where ICMP Message is ECHO REQUEST”.

I appreciate it much if any technical advice will be given soon.


Following the Global Rule suggested by grue155 on 1 August for “Firewall blocks Internet”, I’m pleased to report that my PC has a problem on handling DHCP address assignment rules by Comodo Firewall Pro. With the added Global Rule, a delay on the Internet connection has been corrected. Thanks to grue155 for such a good advice.