Does comodo firewall exist on other language?

I was interested to know if comodo products exist on other language. Like spanish or german. ::slight_smile:

We are working on it :slight_smile: We would like to make all our products accessible in as many languages as possible. watc this space :slight_smile:


I could help in traslating in greek and italian languages. If you need any help please ask

Great thanks. we will :slight_smile:

I need portuguese language

We are starting with one language, and once we have done it successfully, we will replicate it for all the other languages.



thanks ;D

What about in Welsh?

The motto could be “But I am the only firewall in the village!”

LOL!!! And now the image of that fat git is stuck in my head! :slight_smile:

And I would gladly help translating CPF and other desktop products in spanish latinamerica if needed. :wink:

Having a software in many languages also makes it wide spreadable and well known !!!