Does Comodo Firewall Block This

Hello, Just wanted to find this out!
FTP normally requires some form of authentication for access to private files, or for writing to files. Hackers can get round this by using programs called “backdoor programs”. You wouldn’t know if you had one of these, unless you used an up-to-date virus scanner regularly. You could get a backdoor program by opening an infected E-mail attachment.

FTP backdoor programs, such as Doly Trojan, Fore, and Blade Runner, simply turn your computer into an FTP server, without any authentication. Using a known protocol such as FTP is easier for hackers because the protocol is already defined - not so much new software needs to be written to use it (a normal FTP client could be used - the hacker wouldn’t need any specialist software). Also, since FTP has legitimate uses, many firewalls do not block it. Luckily, ZoneAlarm does

I’d suspect CFP would block it too, as it would list the parent process starting or initiating the FTP service. The backdoor program would scream out it’s presence for you to block :slight_smile:

CFP doesn’t specifically look for FTP to block it, but it will block it if it doesn’t fall into line with the layered rules:,6167.msg45545.html#msg45545

Might also take a look at: