Does Comodo Do Ads?

Not sure exactly where to ask this.

I just got a prompt with the Comodo label asking me if I wanted to see some person vs another person. I did not write down the names, but it must be some sort of sporting event. Not sure what type.

Does Comodo do ads promoting such things? Or am I compromised by an unwelcome intruder? Do not recall seeing that before. Prompts for Comodo upgrades etc, but a seeming sports event ad?


You probably saw GeekBuddy popup for whatever reason

No. It was not Geek Buddy. I’ve seen that before. This was a popup that appeared in the bottom right and partly outside of view (guessing screen resolution). I dragged it into full view. It had a red strip at the top (not a large size popup) and written in the red area was COMODO. Under that it asked if I wanted to view (a name) vs (a name). I wasn’t thinking clearly at first, because it said COMODO on it, but thought why would Comodo be sending offers to view what looked like a sporting event?

I also recently got a prompt of Essentials asking for permission to change my hard drive. It does do that…doesn’t it? I did not allow previous prompts, but I recently asked a question here about fake Dragon installers. The Comodo website had a different version, but the forum had the latest and it was ok, but this is puzzling?

Has some clever ads person figured a workaround?


It is part of Comodo Message Center.


Teach me to not keeping inform!

Appreciate the link…I may even read it.