Does Comodo DNS support DNSSEC?

Does Comodo DNS support DNSSEC? If not, it would be great to include this feature in Comodo DNS. What I don’t know is how Windows 7 DNS client could support DNSSEC.

Hmm, does anyone on the Comodo Team and/or in the Comodo Community have an answer to Jlcb03’s question? :slight_smile:

Currently from what I know, Comodo DNS does not support DNSSEC, but support is coming for it, as Comodo bought this year.

Wow! I had not heard about that, that sounds like good news. :slight_smile:

Thank you OmeletGuy for answering Jlcb03’s question and for sharing that extra information. :slight_smile:

No Problem, your both welcome.

That was fast! Thank you. :slight_smile: