Does Comodo AV slow down internet connection?

I wonder if comodo antivirus 3 has any influence on internet connection speed, because compared to Avast or AVG, internet seems to be a bit slower . Is it possible?

COMODO AV does not slow down web experience in any way. Not here at least. :-TU

I’ve noticed some slightly slower browsing on sites like Youtube i think it had to do with CIS/Firefox issue which was fixed (for me at least) in .432. :slight_smile:

Not that I have noticed.

If the firewall is configured to monitor or scan NIDs probably you can experience some performance slowdown. Go to the firewall configuration and read about this. I have this option enabled and havent experienced any problems.

Nope, I’m not using NIDs. I think, if there is any slowdown( I,m not certain, but it seems to be) it could be caused by AV. I was using Avast with Comodo Firewall 3.5, and everything was ok.

I have a 15 meg connection with a 25 meg powerboost on start of downloads. I ran about 20 some odd tests with at various times of the day with and without CIS. The average speed across both sets of downloads was virtually the same. The differences are probably more from server and connection issues than CIS. I use the firewall in custom policy mode and D+ in safe mode. Vista x64, Phenom quad core, 8 Gb mem.

■■■■… Sounds like you have one hell of a computer :o

Yeah I’m jealous…I have a Pentium Dual-Core, 2GB RAM, and Vista 64bit. :-[ (my friend has a Intilum 40-Core with 1TB of Ram and Umbo Dawn 256bit ;D)

Santa came early this year… ;D The Internet connect is cool, never had that speed before, best part is it’s free (I work for my ISP)… :slight_smile:

trying to find if my ISP has a part-time job open for me ;D

I’ve been using CAV for some time and today I’ve installed avast! to check if there will be any influence on my internet connection. You know what? my browser loads sites faster now! Although everyone claim that CAVS doesen’t slow down the net. Maybe on 15Mb or 2-4Mb dsl there is no difference, but on my approximately 640-700kbps there is(especially on Opera 9.63). On 640 kbps almost every page opens like on 128-256 kbps, that’s not acceptable. Can anyone make a test on similar configuration like mine?

Wifi 640kbps
Opera 9.63
Vista 32bit
1GB ram
Athlon 64 3200