Does comodo antivirus exist inside comodo firewall?

Hello to all , this is my first post on the forum after discovering this awesome product.

My question is quite newbish but what the heck.

Does the comodo antivirus exist inside comodo firewall or do i have to install both of them in order to get antivirus + firewall protection?

You should need to install an Anti-virus because there is no Anti-virus in the Firewall. Maybe in the future if comodo thinks about that.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.Should i consider the comodo antivirus or go with another product ?

No problem. :SMLR
I know that Comodo are working on new version of comodo anti-virus version 3, It may out in 2008 first month but I dont sure about that. I use Comodo anti-virus 2.0 beta but you can download avast! anti-virus or AVG I think they are the best.