Does Comodo Antivirus detect all "viruses in the wild"

I would like to know, if Comodo Antivirus is able to detect all


Thank you for helping and answering



I’m not a Comodo expert by any means, but I assume by “virus in the wild” you mean viruses and other malware for which there are no av database updates yet because they are so new?

No antivirus is able to catch 100% of every single new virus before there are database updates. As far as I know its actually a fairly common practice for malware writers to test their work against common and popular av apps before release to be certain they do not detect the virus. However, comodo antivirus does have an adjustable heuristics setting, which is used to detect “virus-like” activity in progress and shut down the offending code for viruses that are not yet in the database.

But the short answer is no, Comodo cannot detect new viruses with 100% reliability. But in all fairness, neither can any other av by any other company.

The above sentiments are correct, nothing can currently offer a 100% detection rate. The Wildlist Organization can give you a better insight into this.

I don’t know what’s a point of Wildlist ?

As you seen there’re a lot of vendor around the world join this plan but some vendor still got a bad detection and lot of false positives.

Or for get a certificate only ?