Does Comodo AntiVirus 1.1 beta Fix My BSOD?

I have posted before about comodo causing BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and wondering if Comodo AntiVirus 1.1 beta fixes this issue because last time i had this error i ended up reformatting :-[ so just makin sure before i reinstall.

Right now im using avast free av and its slowing me down too much so i want my comodo back!

The BSOD problem is not replicated in AV lab and no related changes have been done in Beta 1.1.
I hope you are using XP OS with SP1 or later.
Could you send crash memory dump for analysis? Through crash dump analysis, problem can be detected.
Steps to create crash memory dump

  1. Open system properties by right click on MyComputer and select properties
  2. go to “Advanced” tab and click “Startup and Recovery”
  3. In “Write Debugging information” select “Small Memory Dump (64KB)”
  4. Uninstall other AV completely and reboot. Now install CAV. If BSOD comes, “Minidump” file will be created in %system% directory. Send this file to with complete OS and service pack details and list of softwares installed.

Note: You need not to format the system after BSOD. you can simply remove cavasm.sys file from
%system%\drivers folder. Cav on-access will not be loaded.

I have sent an email with the things you requested and havent seen a reply yet so ill wait patiently and heres some info that may help.

I used winternals crash dump analyzer with about 4 of my dumps which were generated during the constant bsod’s.

With every analyzation it said sonypvl3.sys and i guess thats a driver for my sony camera or my sony software so i cant believe thats causing it because after removing comodo the problem went unless comodo was preventing that file to open up and do weird things when it closes down at shutdown.

Im not sure comodo has an exclude list but i can try excluding that file after i get a reply to the email.
Maybe cav didnt play nice when its in the system directories.

Yes CAV has an exclude feature. Pls exclude it and lets see how it goes. Also can you pls submit that file to us for analysis. (it could be that it is being detected as virus (false positive) and being put into quarantine etc. Its worth analysing it.

thanks for your help and patience Coolio10


Can you please clarify? Were these computer data dumps or something more of a personal nature? ;D


I’m never volunteering to do a dump analysis ever again, and will view those who offer to post theirs on the forum with suspicion! :smiley:

That’s too good!

I reinstalled CAV excluded the file and ding ding ding not! It still continuously comes at shutdown!

Looks like the problems all arise on AMD computers as many people have probs uninstalling.
I uninstalled fine and it fixed the BSOD once again.

Even after reformatting and got a fresh install of windows BSOD comes cause i tested as soon as i reformatted and still BSOD comes up before i even had the sonypvl file installed so must be my specific AMD Cpu Model that causes this issue.


I use AMD also, but have had no problems uninstalling and reinstalling or anything else. Maybe it’s specific to a certain AMD processor - is yours different to the one in my signature?


Comodo Personal Firewall, Comodo Backup, Comodo Antivirus, Comodo i-Vault, Comodo V-Engine, FireFox, IE 7 Beta 2, Windows XP Home SP2, Packard Bell iXtreme, AMD Athlon XP 2700+, ATi Graphics, 1GB RAM.

Comodo Personal Firewall, Avast! Free AV, Firefox, Windows XP Home SP2, AMD Anthlon XP 3000+
Nvidia Geforce 4 MX Integrated GPU, 458MB RAM

Thats my specs but if more info required ill analyze whole cpu for you.

How was this problem solved? Recently I installed CAV, I get the exact same error message while shutting down my PC BSOD of IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL .Windbg says its caused by sonypvl3.sys. But if I uninstall CAV BSOD does not appear again. I installed CAV again and there you go.Any suggestions please?
I’m using XP media center, Intel Centrino Dual Core, 2 GB RAM.

I don’t have an answer for you, Girish, unfortunately. If you’re still using CAVS 1.1, the solution (whatever that might be) was probably provided when they moved to CAVS 2.x, which is currently still in Beta testing.