does cms protect itself from being uninstalled

if so how. does it require a password before it can he uninstalled or what

Last time I checked, it doesn’t need a password. But it would be great to add this feature.

Hi, trscsaeg, currently no. but we are finding a solution for it.
Thank you~

awesome thank you for your response. once that is done cms will be solid and I can finally suggest it to people

right now I also use other app to protect my cms from being uninstalled… and that pattern lock is really a good option…

what app do you use to protect cms

well its called " smart app protector"

Hi 07tr0wa07,

Thanks for your sharing, i have install " smart app protector" and protect CMS, but it’s not effective when uninstall CMS :-[

yes it is, that means you have to password protect the uninstallation app(either the main settings it self or the uninstalling app you’ve downloaded) you also need to protect the “play store” so that they cant download the uninstallation app, the internet connection (3g/4g/wifi) and the cms… that means when you open the uninstallation app you need to put password in it first. i tried it many times and it password protect the uninstallation. not sure why its not working to you

:smiley: I got your point, protect the uninstallation app’s to block other user launch the uninstallation page~