Does CMS need a Firewall?

Do you think CMS needs a firewall? (like Avast mobile security). Ok, this would only be available for users that have rooted their phones (so I’ve heard). Could this feature (or similar) be added for non rooted phones?


Would be great if this is possible for non-root users.

It would be great, especially for monitoring and blocking unwanted apps to send your private datas silently.

Oh yes! It could be really appreciate! :smiley: Something with 2 tabs: the first to check what’s going in and out your phone, and the second could be the policy tab. Either to select what apps (in and/or out) is blocked or block everything and authorized only some apps.

And, yes: root mobile is required. But in a global app, just one or some features can be disable if not rooted. :wink:

Hello (:WAV) ,

Oh yeah!
It’s a must…


Yes, a must in any device that connects to any network. Application firewall and port firewall too.

A firewall can only work on rooted phones as you can’t alter firewall rules without root permissions. Android is setup so that one app cannot effect the other unless the two apps are of course designed to work together as all single apps are sandboxed. I doubt comodo will waste time developing a firewall that very few users will benefit from. Even worse is the amount of battery power that would consume.

A firewall would require root permissions and having root permissions enabled is insecure.
Android shouldn’t be Windows 95/98/ME/XP (default user = max permissions).