Does closing the comodo using the system tray's exit really closes it?

Just a question: If I close comodo using the “exit” option when I click on its icon in the tray, does it completely shut down the application or is the firewall still on? I checked my security system and it says that the firewall is still activated.

I had a recent error in which it closed by itself and I was unable to access zipped files until I restart it, so just wondering.

No it does not, you are closing the GUI part of it… and it still runs. cfp… and cmdagent (cba to look) are each a process which belongs to comodo.

I’m sure someone else will explain it in more detail that me, but for now I’m really tired and not thinking straight.

Hope this helps :wink:

You are quite correct, captain.
CIS is still protecting you from behind the scenes.