Does CIS v8.4 play nice with Windows 10 Creators Update?

I know there is that “explorer has no text” thing, but is that just limited to v10? Does it also affect v8.4? What other issues if any does v8.4 have with the Creators Update? Has anyone tested v8.4 with the Creators Update?

v10 clearly has a long ways to go from being ready by April 11th, aka the Creators Update, so is sticking with v8.4 recommend until a few versions of polish/bug fixes from now, so that Comodo can get their act together? There really is no delaying this, April 11th is not even 3 days away.

If there are known issues with v8.4 I guess I’ll need to start looking for a standalone Firewall, perhaps Windows Firewall Control? Anyone try this one, seems promising.

There are various postings about pre-Creator build with version CIS 8.4, then 10 and some subsequent problems; a lot of which seem to be solved with a clean install to 10 rather than just going for the upgrade path

I always do removals and clean installs for important applications and the same with CIS 10. Apart from a couple of minor glitches, everything is fine with my install(s)

I’ve also shut of the Windows update function completely and will wait until some decent feedback on both the Creator and the next CIS update to see what happens! I’m not going anywhere from using Comodo; it’s too good to throw away

This doesn’t really answer my quest at all, do you know if the explorer bug is v10 exclusive? Does it only happen with v10.XXXX and up?

“There are various postings about pre-Creator build with version CIS 8.4”

Do you have any links, I’d like to read up on what issues people were having or had reported with the v8.4.XXXX + pre-Creator Windows combo. Posts get buried on these forums way to fast, moved around by mods, and lost.

CIS 8.4 was suggested to be used by a mod as a temporary solution. Check the link below on the forums.
On the next page of that topic, according to a user, CIS 8.4 does not cause the explorer bug, but it does have a very slow and unusable virtual kiosk.
I am already running Creator’s update with newest CF build and I also tested CIS, the latest versions also have the slow virtual kiosk, so I don’t think this slow virtual kiosk issue is exclusive to version 8.4. The explorer bug is gone for me however with the latest build of v10.

So yes, there are known issues with both of them. v10 may have some internal compatibility fixes unlike v8.4 however.

EDIT: However an update is coming apparently tomorrow, so it might be better just to hang tight instead of messing with older versions. Hopefully that update resolves cases where v10 upgrades and sometimes reinstallations don’t cause issues. For me, after uninstalling CIS and reinstalling it, even after I deleted the remnant traces of folders and registry entries, the Internet Security Essentials would not reinstall. Also that hopefully will fix the issue of the Security Agent not starting up.

Thanks for the reply and with reference, since I don’t use the virtual kiosk I think I’m going to stick with v8.4 unless I see that tomorrows v10 update has 100% positive feedback from end users (doubtful).