does CIS scan .msi files ? (tried but no luck)

CSI 5.12.256249.2599
Virus db 16969


tried to scan LibreOffice_4.1.1_Win_x86.msi (210 MB) but scan results say:

Objects Scanned: 0
Threats Found: 0

rebooted and tried again, same result

i also lifted the default 40MB limit of scannable file size to 500MB so file size should not be the issue

i also tried scanning on my laptop which has CIS 6 but again no luck

does CIS scan .msi files?

if not, how can i scan a .msi file, should i?


try adding the msi file extension to the “decompress and scan archive files in extension” option in the antivirus settings.


this option appears to be in only CIS 6

i added the *.msi extension to CIS 6 as mentioned in the article but in CIS 6 i can’t tell whether it scanned the file

in CSI 5 the scan report would say “3 Files Scanned, 0 Threats” but in CSI 6 it doesn’t say how many files scanned so i don’t know if it scanned it

am i off target?

Yes this option is only in cis 6. Try scanning the file then check the antivirus events (logs)


put in the full month to reveal but nothing, no log at all

I’m not sure at this point. Maybe someone else has an idea.

I believe that if a file is in the whitelist it will not be scanned. Perhaps that’s what is happening here.

Is that file you’re trying to scan trusted by Comodo?

It’s signed by The Document Foundation (in TVL).