Does CIS provide protection when using Skype - video chat

I have Windows 7 64bit and use CIS version 5.12256249.2599 and have installed skype to video chat with family in italy who use facebook for video chatting. I would like to know if I use skype (using my home wifi network) to chat via video with family using facebook will I still be protect by CIS or not. If so do I have to set anything. I also have comodo vpn free for 10 gig which I use when I am in a public place. please respond thanks

CIS will protect you against malware and exploits. I assume your wifi is encrypted.

Please enable Protect the ARP cache. It will protect you if an outsider tries to hack your local network.

I think so, I had to set a WEP key provided by my Internet Service Provider.


WEP is not a strong and now deprecated encryption so I strongly urge you to switch WPA 2 encryption when possible.