Does CIS offer P2P/Web Protection?

Does CAVS offer protection against viruses for Peer 2 Peer file sharing (torrent, Limewire, etc.)?

Also does it offer http infiltration protection in the real-time protection like Avast! 4.8 Home/Professional Edition does?

And for either one, if it does not offer them, will there be any confilct between CIS and Avast! if I keep then enabled under Avast!'s real-time protection?

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No, there are no such functions in CAVS. It’s a traditional antivirus at this point. However, this still means that it would catch malware recieved via p2p or the web, although CAVS will catch it through its regular engine (given that there’s a signature for the malware).

Generally you should never have two antiviruses, you may know that already. I don’t know if there would be any difference if you just had some options of avast! enabled. I guess it’s not recommended to try this in a production machine.


Thanks for the warm welcome, and feedback. I was just curious to know CAVS’s capabilties. And no, this is not a production machine. It is just a home computer used for surfing the web, listening to music, and MS Office programs.

However, this comp. is not my own, mine is a laptop(no wireless @ home). That is the one that I was installing it on. I liked CAVS 2 beta for XP, along with Comodo Firewall Pro, however when I got my laptop, I was disappointed that CAVS was not Vista compatible. But I used CFP, and that’s why I was just curious about CIS.

My laptop is running:

Vista Home Premium 32bit
2.5 Gb RAM

Software installed: CFP 3.0, Avast! 4.8 Professional, Avira AntiVir Personal (w/o Guard enabled), and Crawler’s Spyware Terminator

But yeah, thanks LA


I see, well, generally the kind of machine you descripe would be considered as a production machine. So it’s up to you if you wish to try avast! along with CIS. :wink:

You’re right about CAVS 2 beta, it’s not for Vista, and we won’t see any further development of CAVS 2 beta as we’ve got CAVS 3 now.


I use Avast (full options enabled for on-access protection) on one of my machines with CIS (av on-access disabled w/ on-demand available, FireWall set to Clean mode).
I even installed it with Avast running in the background. No conflicts or issues period since the install and even now.
I would say, from my experience, it is safe to use Avast with CIS (provided as L.A. states, only one av is set for on-access.)

So far everything is good. CIS is installed with everything enabled, and Avast!'s real-time is enabled with only the Peer2Peer shield, Internet Mail shield, and Web Shields enabled, and no problems yet.

Thanks 4 info & tips


OK, thank you R.O.H. for testing and reporting to us, it might become useful for other users in your position.


No prob. Comodo is just awesome, that I why I recommend Comodo’s software to my friends.

Comodo’s protection against infections, is just phenomenal.