Does CIS need to be tested by x, y or z?

Greetings all,

Probably … rather most likely I’m tired …, but usually I do understand stuff like that

… anyway … in addition to some comments that were done already by respected members of this community

1st simple question :

Can I vote few times? , meaning voting for different items - usually you can not
and if so -

  • this poll is a complete ■■■■■ up

since I can answer Yes or No to several items

needles to say that in addition to the redundant questions (see panic’s post) there are a lot of missing ones

This poll is just totally inappropriately developed / weird / and cannot possibly give any proper summary result

despite I do completely understand the positive nature and the goal of it


I voted: “Not really, I am happy with whatever certification it has already achieved.” Since I already trust in CIS to protect my computer - no matter what the antivirus tests shows.

However, I do enjoy reading how well CIS did vs… (even if its only the antivirus that gets tested) (:NRD)

As a marketing tool, it’s important to know how CIS performs compared to other AV, especially if CIS has good results.

It’s not that I won’t use it myself, but it’s still important.
I was really surprise by MSE result, and I may recommend it in the future… that’s how it works.

it’s not enough that you trust cav. it’s important to prove people who don’t trust that it’s not inferior to other famous av vendors.

i definitely want CIS to be in av-comparatives and av-tests.

i wished these testing companies could also be generous to do it for free like comodo do it for us

I’m confused. Is this topic about having CIS tested or just CAV?

These are two very different things.

most of respectful tests like AV-C, VB 100% test only antivirus. We all know that Hips part of CIS is really good and if you answer correctly pop ups it can give you a bullet-proof protection. But we still don’t know where COMODO AV stands comparing to other more famous AV vendors. That’s why it’s important to test AV only

This poor guy didn’t use bullet-proof protection: Shoot My PC - YouTube

If he had used CIS instead and answered correctly to pop ups - he would have had like bullet proof protection and that would probably never have happend. : )

:-TU hahaha! Yeah this poor guy had no idea about CIS :smiley:

picked the last one
i only prefer the firewall



(sorry for quote)