Does cis free protect from Ethernet over powerline exploits?

A while back i remeber having to wipe a system, fresh install and block various ports and protocols. Just to stop it from being re-infected…one of them was PPOE and EOP related. I was wondering if comodo had anything that might help protect this technology, as satalite and other methods are also being considered for redundancy. lots of strange voltage spikes too… Pc’s don’t like that =/ So how about a protected? UPS?


UPS Would be best protection against such “Voltage Spikes”

Comodo does not make Hardware; Sadly :stuck_out_tongue:

but Yes Comodo can verify packets being sent/recieved

Lol , how does one attache a firewall to 120v? ehehe i was thinking maybe get a eop modem and a packet sniffer/filter. But basically you dont want any recognizeable data to make it to any type of appliances…unless they are enabled to do so… but even then we have wifi and bluetooth devices for that. So a eop enable fridge, would be strange. But i’m very curious as to what types of data IS making it’s way into my home over the powerlines.

kaspersky, junos, both seem to be produceing network cards with some form of protection, low-high end users xD

there may be more coming out, i first heard of juniper networks “junos” maybe 3 years ago. but i dont even have the cash for a new pc, or the hardware i’d want to put in it… :cry: