Does CIS firewall still protect me when the tay icon disappear or exited?

I tried to launch superantipsyware today and CIS tray icon went missing I wonder when it does am I still protected or is the firewall still working?


The tray icon only relates to the GUI. You can exit this and you’re still protected.

Does the security center still say the Comodo firewall is on? If so, you’re protected.

Are you on XP? Then there is a known problem with disappearing icons: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

The firewall has two executables that run the show. Cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe.
Cfp is the socalled client which is the interface that we know (it also is responsible for the tray icon) and will tell the “underwater” process cmdagent.exe (Comodo Internet Security Helper service) how it should behave.

It is not a problem when cfp.exe is not running. Cmdagent.exe will still do the job. To see if cfp.exe is still running you can open Task Manager and look under the Processes tab. You can terminate cfp.exe from the systray in you want to.

Cmdagent and four other Comodo file are protected by CIS against termination by other programs.

In short. There is only a problem when cmdagent is not running. If I recall correctly the internet connection will stall when cmdagent is terminated.

@ HeffeD: Thanks I thought so too but asked to make sure

@ Eric: I’m using Vista x64 I think somehow CIS clashed with superantispyware when it tried to update its version(not malware database). I’ve since unisntalled it and settled for Mbam only. Thanks.

<abbr title=““If I Recally Correctly””>IIRC, only inbound connections are blocked, whereas outbound connections are free to do whatever. Also, Defense+ related features are disabled unless this feature in the attached pic is enabled. If your PC is clean without malware present, this wouldn’t be an issue, though.

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