Does CIS Antivirus update automatically ???


I would like to know, if CIS Antivirus updates automatically ???

If yes, when and how often a day???

Thank you very much for answering me.



It automatically checks for updates every 30 minutes.

You can also go into the scanner settings and tell it to update before running a scan to ensure you are up to date. (If 30 minutes between updates is too long for you)

Hello, I’m new here. I registered because I’m having problems with the automatic virus-updates. The program keeps saying it’s safe, but after more than a day, there are no updates installed. If I do it manually, the database updates normally. So it only seems to work manually. I re-installed the whole program, but stil couldn’t update automatically, whatever I dit with the settings. Can anyone help me out here?

Hi and welcome arnie66,
CIS does update the Database automatically depending on your settings.
Note: Do NOT check for updates if running on battery is enabled by default on laptops etc.
Configure Program and Virus Database Updates

Hi Captainsticks,

did that already of course. That’s why I can’t figure out what’s going on. I know also that sometimes I get a NSIS-error, which is an installer problem, but I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it, because I don’t know the time the updates should come in (once per 6 hours, but when is the question.)

CİS update itself of course :slight_smile: and join the poll please (CNY)

NOT solved yet! Anyone?

Please post a screenshot of the configuration page for the AV settings.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Okay, please post a screenshot of the Updates page as well.

Okay, your settings appear correct.

Have your AV definitions ever been updated? If so when was the last time they were updated? This can easily be seen on the front screen of the CIS GUI.

I’m watching a movie, so I come back in half an hour. I can’t find CIS gui.

I just mean the first page when you open CIS from the widget.

7 hours ago, manually, but last week I got a sign that it hadn’t updated for two days (when I decided to do nothing for a couple of days).

Sometimes there is a problem on Comodo’s end which causes the signatures to not be updated for a long time. However, this would affect many users, not just yourself.

The next time you see that it has not updated for more than one day please create a new post and we can investigate it at that time.


I’ll do that. Thnx for the help. See you around.

cis updates automatically but if your net is slow then cis will not be able to connect with server and cis will not update automatically, that time you need to update cis manually. it always happens with me most of the days. :a0

time to get faster net ;D

in my area where i live there high speed net connection is not available. :cry: