Does CIS 6 have faster antivirus scans thanks CIS 5 ?

is CIS 6 faster than CIS 5 for doing antivirus scans ?

i’m running CIS 5 on one machine and CIS 6 on another and they seem about the same speed

though, i’m not sure if CIS 6 is better at not getting hung up using 100% CPU

what’s your experience?


I haven’t done any comparisons as to whether the initial scan is quicker, but due to the new caching system in CIS 6, subsequent scans are definitely quicker.

I haven’t timed anything, but my scans certainly seem to be faster.

My personal experience, they are significantly faster even for the initial scan.
Also the resource usage has improved during scans and other system tasks are not noticeably effected.

They most certainly are faster.
With v5.10 my full scan would take approximately 35-40 mins.
V6 scan now only takes 14mins… :-TU :rocks: :rocks:

Well. After I run Rating Scan. My quick scan is usually about 20 seconds long. My last full scan was 6 minutes. I guess it now has the cache feature. So when certain files have been proven to be safe and havent moved. They skip them . Mostly just scans anything new i downloaded and installed. I hope it is like that for others . It was strange to me at first too .