Does CIS 5 support ipv6?

So this is my question,
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Not yet, it will in the near future…

I come back to this thread because I have some concern about this.
I recently installed on a PC Outpost Firewall which supports ipv6.
Now the problem is the following : my ISP doesn’t provide ipv6 support, so there is nothing to be afraid of, except that I often connect through a VPN (, OpenVPN) and I noticed in Outpost that, when I’m connected to the VPN, the Firewall blocks a lot of ipv6 traffic.
So you see, I wonder if Comodo Firewall will protect me in this particular situation.

I thank you in advance for your answers.

CIS does not handle IPv6 yet, you need to tandem with Windows Firewall if you wish to filter IPv6…
Or specifically deny the protocols used by IPv6 List of IP protocol numbers - Wikipedia

How near? Does ipv6 present a high risk?

Please read this post here

Hi When I go into ipv6 properties I get the message in order to configure tcp/ip you must install and enable a network adapter card. So do I need to do the regedit for ipv6? Thanks


I’m not sure I can place your posted error, can you post a screenshot?
Does this mean that you don’t have IPv6 attached to any network adapter? on Which OS are you?

We’ve been waiting a long time for ipv6 support in Comodo and I hope that it will be included in a new version of CIS in the near future.


Windows 7

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Just uncheck the IPv6 protocol, you can’t access it’s properties anymore after you disabled stuff in the registry. I get the same error message why trying to access the Ipv6 properties on my system.

I hope all these guys talking about that they want support for IPv6 know that your ISP has to support (read: there network must be IPv6 ready and activated) to fully use IPv6!!

For example here in the Netherlands not all ISP’s are ready for IPv6.

Hi NL,

I’m from NL also and where preparing to get our Ipv4 Internet connection to dual-stack, and we’re not an ISP except for our company then :wink:

CIS support estimate is end of this year, you could already notice the new FW rules being created with “ANY MAC” instead of any IP, these are preparations for IPv6…

Hi, I haven’t done the regedit as of yet! Also I believe my current isp doesn’t support ipv6.

The issue with ipv6, promised to come since at least 10 years, is not CIS per se.

Altough most usual browsers and OS are now ipv6 compliant, every connecting hardware and software is also supposed to be in order for ipv6 to work.

It shall be not only some CIS setting, but a real and costly revolution in order for each of us to upgrade the concerned harware and software.

The current danger is mostly v6 in v4 tunneling… once dual-stack or native IPv6 is alive it has it’s own security issues, there are a large number of changes in the protocol so enough space to exploit…