Does CIS 4 replace both windows 7 home and public firewall

I am running win 7. and noticed it has 2 built in firewalls (home and public networks). Does CIS firewall replace both of these? I am assuming it does but i want to be certain so I am not running both.

I am in a dorm with a public network and just realized the windows home firewall was disabled but the public network firewall is enabled.


Windows 7 don’t have 2 built in firewalls. He have 1 firewall and when the firewall detect that you have more than 1 network connected to your computer it can separate the connections for example 1 must be your home connection so file sharing is allowed. and the other is a public place so your computer will not be visible in the network.

CIS firewall does everything Windows Firewall does, and much more. You can safely turn off Windows Firewall.

Running both isn’t a huge problem, really, but Windows Firewall will block some types of connections by default (e.g. some multiplayer games and file-sharing programs) even if CIS recognises them as safe and tries to let them through. For the easiest, most seamless experience experience you will want to disable Windows Firewall.